Wednesday, March 16, 2016


This is a great cause and an amazing auction. The items up for bid range from top tier editorial reviews to vacation digs in Scotland. Please take a moment to click through and share with friends. P.S. I have a thing or two in there as well!

Interview with the wonderful Alison McGhee

From MPR news:

"Firefly Hollow": The children's book that began with a painting
In the publishing process, children's books typically begin with a story — then the illustrations follow. But that's not how "Firefly Hollow" came to be.

Writer Alison McGhee, who has published several books for both children and adults, received a package on her doorstop six years ago. Inside were full-color paintings of entrancing creatures: A mouse-like character in a sailor's outfit and a cricket curled up with a cup of tea. The illustrated companions were adrift in a small boat, sailing down the river....

listen to the full interview here

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Catching up!

I just realized that I have not updated my posts from my professional Facebook Page, Christopher Denise Illustrator. So, for those of you that do not use Facebook, I will, over the next few days, post a few of the highlights.
This post from December 5th was to mark the completion of the art for my next picture book, Lucy's Lovey,written by Betsey Devany. This is probably the funniest manuscript I have ever had the pleasure of working on!