Monday, February 7, 2011

My mentor and always my friend Brian Jacques.

I have just learned of the passing of my dear old friend Brian Jacques. I will try to put together a post in the coming days with some my memories of Brian so that you might know a bit more of the Brian that I knew.
He will be missed by so many.


Anonymous said...

Very sad news. I have only recently begun to delve into the wonderous and charming world of Redwall. I find it's always upsetting whenever someone so inspiring leaves us, and a shame to think that there will be no more Redwall.
Good luck, wherever you are now, Mr Jacques...

Chris Dunn said...

I'm sorry to read such sad news. He will be sorely missed. I was fortunate enough to discover Redwall as a child. Brian Jacques left such an imprint that I often compare my reading experiences now with those I had in my early years.