Friday, June 15, 2012

Deadlines and the final stretch

 I wish that I could remember the quote concerning the end of long projects that came to mind late last night...or even exactly how the quote went......but as I was late.....and I am back at my desk today...early. In  any event, the quote was from someone at a well known animation studio talking about the final stages of a film and how it often feels as though they( the team) really get a good handle on a project when it is nearing completion. Nothing feels more true right now. While I will welcome the addition to sleep into my routine once again I will miss that feeling of flow that some books take on. Like a well suited travel companion. But I have a few more weeks on this the caffeine fueled trip. Anxious about the deadline? Sure. But I think if you look really closely at the guy on the clock you see a hint of a smile.
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