Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Partnership!

I am very excited to announce my new partnership with Emily van Beek at Folio Jr!
Emily and I met a few years ago and am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her again. She is a consummate professional, incredibly intelligent, and just about the nicest person that you could meet.

I am always hesitant to say "my agent". Working with a representative of any kind, I think, should be a partnership. One that has an open line of communication, that is flexible, and one in which we work for and with each-other.

I receive many emails from illustrators asking if they should have an agent. While it does help with some things, I always say that it depends on the people and the relationship. Publishing can be tough but when you can work with an agent as a team, you can more effectively steer the course of your career and have a better chance of making books that you can all be proud of for years to come.

So if you are an editor or an art director  and have a really special book on your desk- give her a call. I love working with Emily and I know that you will as well.


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