Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Remembering and Giving, We Art Boston.

Redwall Original Art for benefit auction

I spent part of this afternoon unpacking a shipping crate containing several large works from a book a made with my old friend Brian Jacques. It had been a few years since I looked at some of these large pastel paintings created for  A Redwall Winters Tale. As I peeled back the layers of wrapping and foam core, memories of my late friend and our work together rushed in. All of them good, but I do miss him.

This unpacking was not just an exercise in nostalgia but for a very good cause, one that I know Brian would have appreciated and undoubtedly supported. Friends and former teaching colleagues from RISD have banded together in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing to create "We Art Boston".

"We Art Boston" is a fundraiser/auction of children's book art to benefit Boston Children's Hospital. Online auction opens Oct. 10. Family event Oct. 20 in Boston. They are the real deal and all the folks involved in this drive are in it for all the right reasons. Please take a moment to like their page and share with your friends and family.

More information and events here: https://www.facebook.com/weartboston?hc_location=timeline

I appreciate it, and I know that Brian would as well. This one is for the kids at the hospital and to you my friend.

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