Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Original Redwall art available at my ETSY shop today!

          This large pastel painting was one of the first that I created while illustrating The Great Redwall Feast (Philomel Books, 1996). I remember trying to create a sense of discovery, much as we do when reading Brian's first Redwall novel. Tucked into Mossflower woods on two sides, the meadow and the great road on the others, we see Redwall for the first time! This book and image pre-date the animated series by several years. This view of Redwall would be from the south. This small party of woodland characters is probably returning from St. Ninian's. 
       The finished art area measures approximately 13 inches x 16 inches, roughly 133% larger than the reproduction in the book.


Clwyd Probert said...

Now that is a fine work of art. I'm sure lots of people certainly want to have a piece of those kinds of paintings. Kudos and thanks for opening up a means, with which to have those on our walls and what not, and at the venues where we can get a bead on them the best.

Clwyd Probert @ Whitehat

Rita Gibson said...

Wow. A lot of people would certainly want this piece of art hanging from their walls. While having an Etsy shop makes selling paintings such as this more streamlined, and having a blog or a website makes it much easier for prospective clients to find you and see your works beforehand. Keep up what you're doing, and keep us posted on your new works. Thanks for sharing!

Rita Gibson @ Yeah! Local