Friday, June 17, 2016

An apology

As a rule, neither Anika or I respond to reviews-positive or negative. But after she brought the following review to my attention I felt that an apology was in order. The review as it appears on a online book retailer
(5 stars) Kyle J "The reason why I don't like that book because it looks tough of how the bears can stand up. The book didn't seem like the best children's book I ordered so I've given it away to Good Will store"
An Apology.
Dear Kyle,
I would like to apologize for any distress that viewing this particular title or the images may have caused you. Rest assured that no bears (or bear like mammals) were harmed in the creation of the pictures that appear in this book. While it is true that I normally work from life, after a brief and somewhat chaotic experiment with the bear known as “Buster” from Wild Bill’s Piccadelliys Circus entertainment (LTD) we thought it best to work from reference photos. Many of which I might send to you. They do in fact show bears standing more fully erect than most teenagers I have encountered in the past six months.
I should also like to take this opportunity to apologize to the several neighbors of our studio who’s flower beds were compromised in “Busters” untimely departure from the work session.
I would also like to apologize to our handers assistant, Lenny, who's left leg mistakenly fell into Busters jaws while in the mist of attempting to secure an apron around the bears waist. Lenny our thoughts are you and your family tonight.
I would also like to apologize to the current and past residents of Piccadelliys Circus for the clearly unauthorized use of the name of your venerated enclave.
My most sincere apologies go of course to “Buster” and his many cousins of ursa major. I very clearly depicted the bears in my book dancing to something resembling an early form of swing dance with clear references to “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller ©1939 Bluebird records. Any misunderstanding this might have caused pains me.
Lastly, I would like to give thanks to our local police, fire, SWAT, and animal control departments for helping us to ensure that “Buster” was returned to Wild Bill and his associates in a timely and efficient manner.
Most of all, Kyle, I would like to thank you for your Philanthropy and generosity.
Do not forget that such donations are 100% deductible.
Please sign up for our mailing list I will make sure that you receive a copy of our next book!
Best wishes,
Christopher Denise

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