Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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I'll admit, I'm wishing I was there and not here, in chilly drizzly Rhode Island. (Though come to think of it, I believe it's chilly and drizzly there too, but hey, it's Italy, so who cares?) My husband and I have always wanted to attend, but in these past few years when our daughters were still so little, we couldn't quite swing it. Now, with our youngest heading to first grade in the fall—we find ourselves dreaming of Bologna. Billed as "the most important international event dedicated to the children’s publishing industry," it's a venue where international authors, illustrators, literary agents, TV & Film producers, licensors and licensees, packagers, distributors, printers, booksellers, librarians and journalists meet to network and see what's new and exciting in the world of children's publishing and media. A visit to the website (particularly the one in Italian) conjures up all sorts of exotic images for me. The "Agenti letterari" sound like something out of a Stephanie Meyer novel, don't they? I picture a group of serious but stunningly beautiful book agents, in robes and bright red scarves, gliding across the exhibition floor towards a feast of new talent and gorgeously designed books. Sigh. Ok, so perhaps I'm over-romanticizing it just a touch, but to have all that creative energy in one city, for one fabulous fair is surely exhilarating. When I'm in need of a little inspiration, I often go the the places where talent converges—be it a museum or gallery, coffee house or conference—being around creative, productive people who share a passion is good for the work, and good for the soul. So, next year, when Bologna comes around... Andiamó! I'll be ready.
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